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2,200 Lb. Capacity Electric Walkie Stacker

The EJC110i/EJC110bi  electric walkie combines productivity, efficiency and operator security in one user-friendly design.

Offering a variety of uses for practically any application, the 2,200 lb. capacity walkie stackers combine performance efficiency and operator safety with an attractive design. Excellent ergonomics contribute to the effortless handling of the EJC110i/EJC110bi walkie stackers. The long handle provides the lift truck operator with low steering forces, and all travel and lift functions are easily accessible on the multi-function handle head. In addition, the short head length ensures effortless operation, even in confined spaces.


Straddle stackers feature fast lifting speed for improved productivity.

Compact and maneuverable straddle stacker simplifies operation within narrow aisles.

Designed for precise and gentle depositing of fragile loads onto racking or the floor. The stacker's lowering speed is electro-hydraulically controlled in 2 stages and can be controlled through a button on the handle head (optional).

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Offset drive unit creates higher four-point wheel stability.

Large, red emergency cut-off switch enables quick, intuitive shut down of forklift in case of emergency.

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Energy Efficiency

The walkie stacker battery, when combined with energy-efficient 3-phase AC technology, provides long operating times.

Maintenance-free 24V / 50 Ah batteries.

Integrated 115V charger and cord for fast, simple charging at any 110 / 120V wall outlet.

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Ergonomic, multi-function handle head.

Unique, single cylinder mast design for a superior view of the load.

The walkie stacker is easily maneuvered with the handle in the vertical position by pressing the crawl-speed button.

Lift and lower controls combined on a rocker switch for convenient operation in any handle position.

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Total Cost Of Ownership

Low maintenance 3-phase AC drive motor.

Integrated charger sealed within IP54-pro­tected controller.

Handle head and electrical connectors pro­tected to IP65.

Easy access to all forklift components through the durable front cover.

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ezs350 tow tractor pulling materials

Model Basic Capacity (lbls) Max Fork Height Voltage (or Fuel Type) Length to Fork Face Chassis Width (in) Chassis Height (in) Gross Weight (lbls)
EJC110i 2,200 60.6 24V 67.5 31.5 77.6 1,056
EJC110bi 2,200 59.4 24V 67.5 31.5 77.6 1,133

Product Spec Sheet - English

EJC110i/EJC110bi Medium-Duty Walkie Stacker

Product Spec Sheet - Spanish

EJC110i/EJC110bi Medium-Duty Walkie Stacker

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