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Product selection image of Mitsubishi IC pneumatic tire forklift

8,000 - 12,000 lb. Capacity Internal Combustion Pneumatic Tire Forklifts

The Class V FG/FD40N-FG/FD55N LP/gas and diesel forklift series offers powerful efficiency, quality components and easy maintenance, which leads to increased uptime.

With capacities ranging from 8,000-12,000 lbs., this series of IC pneumatic tire forklift trucks is ideal for working in rugged, outdoor environments where surface conditions are often rough, wet and dusty. Built to accommodate a broad array of industries, these forklifts are designed to move heavy loads ranging from unprocessed lumber to concrete blocks and containers.


GK45 4.5L EPA-Compliant Gas & LP Engine  This six-cylinder in-line engine is designed to work in the most demanding conditions, employing reliable and proven technology.

Perkins™ 854F Tier 4 Final Diesel Engine  This 3.4L turbo, in-line four-cylinder EPA-compliant engine is equipped with a compact turbocharger that delivers six-cylinder power in a four-cylinder package.

Maintenance -Free Emissions System – Meets stringent EPA Tier 4 Final emissions regulations through the use of the forklift truck's maintenance-free emissions system. Lees maintenance means greater uptime over the long run.

Greater Torque – The transmission's torque converter is precisely matched to the internal combustion engine to provide high levels of torque and a smooth ride.

Enhanced LCD/LED Display The forklift operator can monitor all critical systems via the LCD/LED display during operation to help reduce costs and the risk of excessive downtime.

Operator lifting Mitsubishi FG40N


Engine Protection System – Monitor your forklift's engine health with the Engine Protection System.  By continuously monitoring your truck's engine oil pressure, transmission fluid and coolant temperatures, the Engine Protection System will alert operators when certain engine repairs are needed.

Reinforced Steel Frame – Our steel frame gives you the durability you need.

Operator loading metal bars on semi-truck with FG40N


Easy Access For Service – Gaining access to a traditional engine hood can take several minutes, but  Mitsubishi's design makes it quick and simple. A rear-hinged engine hood gives technicians quick access to the engine and other core components to ensure faster repairs and greater uptime.

500-Hour Service Intervals – Taking a forklift out of service for planned maintenance can cost you time. Mitsubishi is committed to keeping your operation up and running. That's why we designed this forklift with 500-hour service intervals.

Front left view of FG40N with view of engine


Integrated Presence System – If an operator is not properly seated in the forklift, the Integrated Presence System locks-out powered hydraulic functions and travel.

Orange Seat Belt – Easily see if operators are properly wearing their seat belts with this bright orange anti-cinch seat belt.

LED Forward Work Lights – These bright LED work lights are included in your standard warranty and will not only help your operators see in dark areas, but also reduce your maintenance costs due to their long life.

FG40N backing up while carrying wood box

Operator Comfort

Easy Entry / Exit – Three solid points of contact - an elongated grab bar, low anti-slip step and steel hip restraint - allow your operators to enter and exit the truck with confidence. 

Reduced Forklift Noise And Vibration – Many features have been added to reduce the noise and vibrations that operator's experience throughout the shift, including a fully-insulated engine hood, rubber mounted components and fully-enclosed wheel wells.

Improved Steering – The hydrostatic steering system is a standard feature on this forklift and provides smooth and easy steering.

FG40N steering system and handles

Model Basic Capacity (lbls) Max Fork Height Length to Fork Face Chassis Width (in) Chassis Height (in) Gross Weight (lbls)
FG40N 8,000 132 118 55.7 90.5 12,920
FD40N 8,000 132 118 55.7 90.5 13,050
FG45N 9,000 132 123 57.5 90.5 13,820
FD45N 9,000 132 123 57.5 90.5 13,960
FG50CN 10,000 132 125 57.5 90.5 14,970
FD50CN 10,000 132 125 57.5 90.5 15,100
FG50N 11,000 132 130 57.5 90.5 15,960
FD50N 11,000 132 130 57.5 90.5 16,090
FG55N 12,000 132 132 57.5 90.5 16,690
FD55N 12,000 132 132 57.5 90.5 16,840

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FG40N-FG55N / FD40N-FD55N IC Pneumatic Tire Forklift Trucks

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