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Product selection image of Mitsubishi IC pneumatic tire forklift

3,000 - 7,000 lb. Capacity Internal Combustion Pneumatic Tire Forklifts

The FG15N-FG35N / FD20N-FD35N LP/gas and diesel forklift series delivers superior lift and travel speeds, powerful acceleration and the ability to move more product. Lease a new 5,000 lb. capacity forklift for as low as $288/month.

These 3,000 - 7,000 lb. capacity IC pneumatic tire forklifts are designed to move bulky materials ranging from lumber to brick and concrete. Offering some of the best travel speeds in the industry, this series is beneficial for applications requiring longer travel distances. Exceptional maneuverability and top lift and lowering speeds provide added productivity, shift after shift.


Powerful Engine With Low Emissions – Equipped with an efficient GK21 / GK25 engine, these forklifts offer the power you need. A drive-by-wire throttle control allows for enhanced efficiency, reduced emissions and responsive acceleration, while the exhaust system provides a three-way catalyst that lowers the amount of emissions released into the environment.

Tier 4 Diesel Forklift Engines – The new 4EG 3.3L diesel engine is built with cutting edge emissions technologies to meet the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Tier 4 final requirements, while still maintaining the high levels of productivity that your business demands. 

Greater Torque – The transmission's torque converter smoothly transfers the power from the forklift's engine and multiplies the torque sent to the transmission -  increasing power on demand.

Mitsubishi FG15N lifting pallets


Standard Engine Protection System – Reduce the risk of major damage to your engine with the Engine Protection System. This system will continuously monitor certain areas of your engine and limit certain areas of operation if maintenance issues are not addressed. 

Durable Steel Frame – Forklift trucks need to be durable, so our steel frames are built strong to help protect your lift truck during operation.

Mitsubishi FG15N carrying pallets


Easy Service And Maintenance – The rear-hinged engine hood gives you easy access to major components - without tools - so you can get your forklifts up and running quickly.

500-Hour Service Intervals – Spend less time and money on preventative maintenance with Mitsubishi's extended service intervals.

Man checking components of FG15N with computer


Integrated Presence System – Help ensure your operators are in the proper operating position with Mitsubishi's Integrated Presence System (IPS). This standard feature will lock-out powered travel and hydraulic functions of the forklift when the operator isn't in the proper operating position. 

Orange Seat Belt – The bright orange anti-cinch seat belt makes it easier to identify when operators are not wearing their seat belts.

Forward LED Work Lights – Mitsubishi forklift's front LED work lights have a long life and will help save on maintenance costs vs. traditional halogen and incandescent lights. They are also covered in your standard warranty.

Operator using FG15N and lifting objects

Operator Comfort

Secure Three-Point Entry / Exit –  An extra long grip bar, a low height anti-slip step and steel hip restraint  provide three solid points of contact when entering and exiting the forklift.

Less Forklift Noise And Vibration – Noise and vibration can take a toll on your operators. Mitsubishi's forklifts offer standard features to keep your operators less fatigued, including a fully-insulated engine hood, rubber mounted components, fully-enclosed wheel wells and helical transmission gears.

Easy To Steer – Our hydrostatic steering system makes steering the forklift easier for your operators and can also provide the added benefit of reducing your maintenance costs. No special tooling is required to pre-load the bearings, and the kingpin does not require greasing.

Fingertip Controls In An Easy-To-Operate Adjustable Armrest (Optional) – Low-effort levers, precise operation and an infinitely adjustable armrest provide comfortable support with ease of use for operators throughout the workday.

Operator seat of Mitsubishi FG15N

Model Basic Capacity (lbls) Max Fork Height Length to Fork Face Chassis Width (in) Chassis Height (in) Gross Weight (lbls)
FG15N 3,000 131.0 89.0 41.9 82.7 5,650
FG18N 3,500 131.0 90.4 41.9 82.7 6,070
FG20CN 4,000 131.0 92.5 41.9 82.7 6,750
FG20N 4,000 131.5 98.0 45.3 82.9 7,370
FD20N 4,000 131.5 98.0 45.3 82.9 7,610
FG25N 5,000 131.5 100 45.3 82.9 7,990
FD25N 5,000 131.5 100 45.3 82.9 8,210
FG28N 5,500 130.5 104 50.2 83.7 9,090
FD28N 5,500 130.5 104 50.2 83.7 9,330
FG30N 6,000 130.5 107 50.2 83.7 9,400
FD30N 6,000 130.5 107 50.2 83.7 9,640
FG33N 6,500 131.5 108 50.2 83.7 10,150
FD33N 6,500 131.5 108 50.2 83.7 10,390
FG35N 7,000 131.5 110 50.8 84.3 10,340
FD35N 7,000 131.5 110 50.8 84.3 10,590

Product Brochure - English

FG15N-FG35N / FD15N-FD35N IC Pneumatic Tire Forklift Trucks

Product Brochure - Spanish

FG15N-FG35N / FD15N-FD35N IC Pneumatic Tire Forklift Trucks

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