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Profile View of a Jungheinrich Electric Powered Pallet Truck

5,500 lb. Capacity Electric Powered Pallet Trucks

The ERE 125 / 225 / 225DP powered pallet truck is a great tool for loading and unloading, order picking or transporting loads across your warehouse.

The ERE powered pallet truck combines the maneuverability and comfort of a stand-on forklift in the compact design of a walkie end rider. A great tool for loading and unloading trailers, order picking inside the aisle or transporting 5,500-pound loads across your warehouse, the ERE 125 / 225 / 225DP can be individually adapted and customized to your specific application with the goal of moving goods faster and more efficiently.


With four optional stand-on platforms, users can set the height of the platform and level of comfort to suit their specific requirements. This feature helps minimize operator fatigue over the entire shift.

With the touch of a button, the optional positionCONTROL function allows the forks to rise to a preset height, thereby optimizing lift time and minimizing adjustments while moving more efficiently.

The drivePLUS version, with its 3.2 kW drive motor, ensures quick acceleration and drive speeds up to 8.69 mph.

Operator Retrieving Merchandise with a Jungheinrich ERE Pallet Truck


2-inch color display with battery discharge indication, event message displays, speed display and three preset operator driving modes.

A newly developed, height-adjustable smartPILOT electric tiller head features color-coded buttons with abrasion resistant symbols for intuitive or tactile operation.

An electronic photo eye protection beam (optional) detects when the operator’s foot moves outside the vehicle compartment, significantly slowing travel speed.

Operators Maneuvering Jungheinrich ERE Pallet Trucks in a Factory

Energy Efficiency

The powerful 3-phase AC motor and high-output AC controller allow these powered pallet trucks to deliver quick acceleration, smooth directional changes and optimum performance.

Progressive drive technology and control electronics (speedCONTROL) provide productive and energy-efficient operation with adjustments to fit most applications.

Energy is returned to the battery during speed reduction using regenerative braking.

Exposed AC motor of a Jungheinrich ERE Powered Pallet Truck


The ERE features shockPROTECT, a spring-loaded drive unit that cushions the operator, truck and load.

Innovative operator compartment with four platform options enhances productivity.

Close-Up of a Jungheinrich ERE Pallet Truck's Control Handle

Total Cost Of Ownership

Activation of maximum travel speed only when forks are at a properly raised height provides a reliable reduction in wear under the forks.

Jungheinrich’s Parts Fast or Parts Free Guarantee ensures next-business-day delivery by 5:00 PM of all Jungheinrich parts in the United States, or they’re free, including freight. For customers in Canada and Mexico, the guarantee ensures shipping of parts within 24 hours from the time the order was placed by the dealer.

Jungheinrich ERE Pallet Trucks in Use in a Warehouse Setting

Model Basic Capacity (lbls) Max Fork Height Voltage (or Fuel Type) Length to Fork Face Chassis Width (in) Chassis Height (in) Gross Weight (lbls)
ERE 125 5,500 4.8 24 27.4 30.3 0 891
ERE 225 5,500 4.8 24 27.4 30.3 0 891
ERE 225DP 5,500 4.8 24 27.4 30.3 0 891

Spec Sheet - English

ERE 125 / 225 / 225DP powered pallet truck specs.

Spec Sheet - Spanish

ERE 125 / 225 / 225DP powered pallet truck specs.

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