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Profile View of a Mitsubishi Hand Pallet Truck

5,500 lb. Narrow Fork Hand Pallet Forklift

This narrow fork pallet forklift has a capacity of up to 5,500 lbs. and is often used to move palletized loads over short distances (less than 100 feet).

These manual walkies have a capacity of up to 5,500 lbs. and are often used to move palletized loads over short distances (less than 100 feet). The hydraulic pallet jacks are equipped with a reinforced, ergonomic handle, making it an easy task to move heavy loads.

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Diamond-Shaped Handle – Designed to reduce fatigue and improve productivity.

Hydraulic Lock / Release Lever – Provides maximum operational control of hand pallet jack via hand-contoured surface.

Fork Tip Entry Wheels – Facilitate insertion of hand pallet jack into pallet fork pockets for easier movement of products.

Handle of Mitsubishi hand pallet truck


Load Wheel Pushrods – Are adjustable to achieve the perfect balancing of fork height.

Low-Rolling Resistance Tire – The molded polyurethane tire contributes to smooth performance and load handling.

Low Lowered Fork Height – The lowered fork height of 2.9 inches allows for easy pallet entry and exit.

Operator pulling Mitsubishi hand pallet truck by handle


Handle Spring – Hand pallet jack handle returns to upright position when released.

Hydraulic Pump – Features controlled lowering rate valve to reduce risk of product damage.

Front wheel with forks in the background

Total Cost Of Ownership

Heavy-Duty Cast Steel Load Wheel – Supports fully-rated loads.

Temperature-Controlled Robotic Welds – Help to maintain material strength for a more durable pallet jack design.

Baked-On Powder-Coat Paint – Helps to protect your equipment investment.

One-Piece Cast Iron Pump – With a chrome-plated piston rod, it ensures long pump seal life.

Man pulling Mitsubishi hand pallet truck loaded with boxes

Model Basic Capacity (lbls)
A500001662 5,500 27" x 48"
A500002276 5,500 20" x 48"
A500002278 5,500 20" x 36"
A500002280 5,500 27" x 36"
A500002279 3,300 27" x 48" (Low Profile)
A5G0001662 5,500 27" x 48" (Galvanized)
A5G0001663 5,500 27" x 48" (Galvanized Tandem)
A5Q0001662 5,500 27" x 48" (QuickLift)

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5,500 lb. Capacity Pallet Jack

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5,500 lb. Capacity Pallet Jack

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