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Product selection image of a Jungheinrich walkie pallet truck

4,500 / 6,000 lb. Capacity Electric Walkie Pallet Trucks

The EJE 120/225 electric walkie pallet trucks are specifically suited for loading and unloading trailers as well as transporting loads over short and medium distances. For a limited time, purchase a new EJE120 and receive a 3-year extended battery warranty.

Designed for loading and unloading trailers and transporting loads over short distances, the EJE 120 and 225 walkie pallet trucks are ideal for high-volume distribution, ramp loading and transporting of heavy loads. Both the 4,500 and 6,000 lb. capacity walkies feature stepless speed control and roll-back protection on ramps.


The Jungheinrich® 3-phase AC motor and high-output AC controller allow these walkie pallet trucks to deliver quick acceleration and smooth directional changes.

Superior stability of both truck and load with optional ProTracLink stability casters.

Easy operation with the handle in the vertical position using the Crawl Speed button simplifies movement inside trailers and in confined spaces.

Simple pallet entry options supported by beveled fork tips to a 3º angle. 

Optional cross-pallet entry supported by standard fork marks. 

Fork tip wells for better visual while entering pallets.

Jungheinrich EJE120 loading crate in small room


"Smart" auto reverse button only operates when the truck is moving chassis first toward the operator.

Optional ProTracLink stability casters help protect fragile loads from tipping during tight turns.

Ramp rollback protection protects against unintended movements while operating on grades.

Electric walkie stacker and operator


Unique lift/lower rocker switches allow operation with the handle in virtually any position.

Low-mounted tiller arm provides easier steer effort and keeps the operator a secure distance from the chassis.

"Smart" auto reverse button boosts operator confidence by protecting them against unintended contact.

Required steering forces reduced by 15.3%.

Jungheinrich EJE120 ergonomic controls

Total Cost Of Ownership

These electric walkie pallet trucks have AC motors with no wearable components, like carbon brushes or contactors, to replace over time.

Sealed electrical components mean that dust and moisture cannot impact the truck’s performance.

Rolled steel provides flexibility and durability to withstand tough applications over time.

Automatic lift-cutout helps avoid burnout by cutting off the hydraulic motor when the forks reach max height.

EJE 120 electric walkie

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Model Basic Capacity (lbls) Max Fork Height Voltage (or Fuel Type) Length to Fork Face Chassis Width (in) Chassis Height (in) Gross Weight (lbls)
EJE 120 (short compartment) 4,500 4.8 24 19.1 28.3 29.5/48.7 926
EJE 120 (medium compartment) 4,500 4.8 24 22.8 28.7 29.5/48.7 941
EJE 225 (medium compartment) 6,000 4.8 24 24 28.7 29.5/48.7 1,193

Product Brochure - English

EJE 120-225 Walkie Pallet Trucks

Product Spec Sheet - English

EJE 120-225 Walkie Pallet Trucks

Product Brochure - Spanish

EJE 120-225 Walkie Pallet Trucks

Product Spec Sheet - Spanish

EJE 120-225 Walkie Pallet Trucks

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