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3,000 - 4,000 lb. Capacity Three-Wheel Electric Forklifts

The FB16PNT-FB20PNT three-wheel electric counterbalance forklift series, featuring a heavy-duty AC drive and hydraulic motors, is compact, ergonomic and powerful.

The 3-wheel electric series is designed for powerful performance and productivity in crowded and condensed work areas. Capable of operating in a variety of applications, this 3,000-4,000 lb. capacity series features heavy-duty AC drive and hydraulic motors that are sealed for added protection from contaminants such as dust and moisture.


Excellent Performance – Heavy-duty AC drive and hydraulic motors, along with powerful Mitsubishi PM-1000 controllers, provide outstanding performance levels.

Mitsubishi FB16PNT backing up


The Integrated Presence System – If the seat belt is not buckled, the IPS will lock-out the lift truck's powered hydraulic functions and powered travel,  a warning buzzer will sound and a seat belt icon will illuminate on the display.

Controlled Cornering For Added Security – With this standard feature, your forklift will automatically reduce it's speed during cornering.

Operator on Mitsubishi FB16PNT looking backwards

Energy Efficiency

Power Steering – Electric power steering provides improved energy efficiencies, operator comfort and durability over traditional hydrostatic power steering.

FB16PNT inside view of engine


Easy-To-Read Display – This display panel provides key information to the forklift operator as well as diagnostic capability for a service technician.

Operator Comfort – The ergonomic design of the operator compartment makes it possible for the operator to be just as efficient in the last hour of the shift as the first.

Fingertip Controls In An Easy-To-Operate Adjustable Armrest (Optional) – Low-effort levers, precise operation and an infinitely adjustable armrest provide comfortable support with ease of use for operators throughout the workday.

Display panels from FB16PNT front seat

Total Cost Of Ownership

Added Protection In Wet Environments – Wet disc brakes are durable and outperform typical brake systems, especially in wet or corrosive elements.

Easy-To-Service – Service technicians have quick and easy access to components and diagnostic capabilities for hassle-free service and greater uptime.

Durable – These forklifts come equipped with sealed motors for added protection from contaminants, such as dust and moisture, allowing the forklift to thrive in both indoor and outdoor applications.

FB16PNT carrying a pallet

Lithium-Ion Battery Solutions

Lower Lifetime Cost
Lithium-ion batteries feature a lower cost of ownership than lead-acid batteries by eliminating excessive maintenance costs

Increase Productivity
Lithium-ion batteries can be charged to full capacity in a fraction of the time it takes to charge a lead-acid battery. Opportunity charging that can be interrupted at any time, prevents downtimes and ensures 24/7 truck usage.

Increase efficiency
The battery, vehicle and charger are all synchronized which allows for fast and efficient energy usage and charging capability. 

Lithium-Ion Battery Solution

Model Basic Capacity (lbls) Max Fork Height Voltage (or Fuel Type) Length to Fork Face Chassis Width (in) Chassis Height (in) Gross Weight (lbls)
FB16PNT 3,000 258.5 36/48 72.8 42.9 80.7 6,826
FB18PNT 3,500 258.5 36/48 77.1 42.9 80.7 7,171
FB20PNT 4,000 258.5 36/48 78.1 42.9 80.7 7,756

Product Brochure - English

FB16PNT-FB20PNT 3-Wheel Electric Forklift Trucks

Product Brochure - Spanish

FB16PNT-FB20PNT 3-Wheel Electric Forklift Trucks

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